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Why CLUB 505

Game changer

We changed the rules of the dating game: Our dating app is exclusive for only 505 gentlemen in a given date. Club505 is an exclusive matchmaking service where successful people meet exceptionally beautiful and intelligent matches in a relaxing, discreet and confidential manner. We have an extremely high success rate; nearly all men get into a some kind of relationship with our dating app is exclusive for only 505 gentlemen in a given date IN SELECTED CITY.

Secure like a bank

We value your trust, Club505 uses the same technical architecture with a bank including HTTPS, encrypted messages and firewalls so your profile and conversations are in a safe hand. We never post anything on your Facebook and share your privates to anybody. Everything is encrypted and kept securely. No regret talks.

Elegant fun

Club505 is just for 505 gentlemen, we can provide an elegant and fun environment for the people. Club505 is literally an exclusive club for selected people. You won’t believe what is waiting for you.


We claim that Club505 is the classiest dating app you can ever see..

Due to other apps’ unrealistic match systems, couples focus more on the profile picture on each other. The common problem of all dating applications / sites in the world is that male members aggressively trying to make a collection of women matches. There's no point in what women look like to them. Men automatically slide their fingers to the right. We all know it! Women have a similar issue. In many other dating apps, women only want to see men who have interest on themselves (or their profile pictures). Although it feels good to women, it is very difficult for them to have a serious date.

One-night stand or a long term relationship... It does not matter whatever your expectations are. Club505 is the most effective dating application ever. Because there are people here who know what they want! Otherwise the Club505 will never accept members with different expectations.

You cannot see the soullessness match system in Club505. Users know that all members are carefully selected. Members do not spend time to trying to match each other. Everyone sees each other’s profiles and starts talking whenever they wish and with whoever they want.

Club505 has some limits for male members. Only 505 male members are accepted from each city. This is a deterrent that prevents male members from being greedy and this makes the platform a more valuable place for women. You know that the man who wrote you as a woman did not write you for being bored. Thanks to the 505 male limit policy, men have many women options here. As a woman, if you have received a message from a man, you’ll know it means that he really likes you.

So, it also makes it possible for men to present themselves in a more special way. Club505 is in a far different position than the traditional dating apps. Because the system never accepts the memberships of those who are not ideal for other members.

There are only high-income classy male members here. But it is not enough reason for a man who is only rich to be a member of Club505. All members are carefully accepted to ensure the comfort of all users and create healthy relationships. Women know that men in Club505 know how to live the life.

Welcome to the Club505 where real relationships are created. There is no room for lies here.