Club505 is a very enjoyable dating application developed for the most cosmopolitan cities of the world. In 2016, it came out with a simple logic; A non-competitive environment for men, successful and rich men for women. A unique place where everyone can find what they deserve.

There are tens of thousands of female members in every selected city and there are 505 male members for each city. Currently, more than 100,000 people are actively using Club505 daily, and members send 36 million messages a day.

To make friends in Club505, all you have to do is pick and choose your partner and sending her / him an instant message. If the other side likes you, the rest is your business. There is no a relationship that cannot begin with a creative and entertaining conversation. All is up to you! Unlike other dating applications, in Club505, the chance of finding a partner is near to 80%. Forget about your experiences in other applications.

Modern life takes a great deal of time. In real life we have little chance of finding a suitable friend, lover or partner. People are now finding their friends and even their wives or husbands on the Internet. Club505, aware of this, has brought a new breath of evolving dating apps

Club505’s system works by considering your city. So before you open the site or application, you need to activate the phone's location feature. The system shows you the people in your city circle according to the gender you specify. You can send a message to any women or men you want to meet. The person you like is only a message far away.

You can sign up with your Facebook account. When you register with your Facebook account, your Facebook photos will be automatically uploaded to your profile. However, you can change your profile as desired from the Club505 site or application. Your Facebook profile will never do automatic shares. Your friends on Facebook certainly do not know that you are using a dating app. With the same security system used by online banking systems, we secure all your information very safely. Also you can let other users see your nickname instead of your real identity. All the controls are in your hands.

Using Club505 is quite easy. Creating profiles, thanks to the login feature with Facebook, only takes seconds. It is much more practical to send a message to the people you like than to send a DM from Instagram.

Welcome to the independent world of Club505. Everyone here is real. Because there's no need to be a swagger here.