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12 Suggestions for A Jammy Second Date

You met someone on Club505, everything went well in your first meeting, and you promised to meet again… So, what will happen now?

After the first meeting, even though everything is going well, the people start to worry and question the situation they are in. However, the promise of meeting again shows that there is already a mutual interest and attraction, and that the person in your favor likes you. So it is time to take the next step and get to know more closely by putting the existing situation into a more concrete form for the next time:

  • 1.
    You passed the first stage. But at the second stage your partner will want to get confirmation of his/her expectations. If you look different from your first meeting and have created a wrong image, this will be understood at your second meeting at the latest and you will find yourself in a sense.
  • 2.
    If you are acting as you are and behaving naturally, the second meeting will be a „confirming‟ date. It will create the same effect, but more intensely. The second meeting is an ideal opportunity to deepen the bond between you.
  • 3.
    It is too early to meet at home or eat dinner at this stage, because you will need to spend more time together. But I would recommend meeting on Saturday or Sunday noon as you will want to meet face to face and do it more closely. In this way you can combine coffee or a light lunch with walking in the park.
  • 4.
    The second meeting is too early for the cinema or a theater because it is important that you communicate and talk plenty at this stage of your relationship. So it is worth choosing a place where you can walk; bazaar or a sporty activity, where you can chat and feel comfortable.
  • 5.
    You can orientate a meeting that you would like to take place after lunch. You can walk or chat for a long time at a café. Such a meeting is also very suitable for holding hands or creating a spontaneous entertainment in a different way.
  • 6.
    Plan an end time for your date. Leave the events to flow, but do not seem like you don‟t have anything else to do. You have given him/her a positive signal by separating your limited time together that you are not obliged to work, but having another plan for the evening will make you look busy and engaging. This is an important deterrent for successful meetings
  • 7.
    Your conversation will be much deeper in your second meeting, but do not enter your old associations or sexually relevant topics yet. The mysterious factor is still valid in the second meeting and although the two sides are more excited about getting acquainted, you can spoil the whole thing without sharing too much detail too early.
  • 8.
    Most likely, the final decision on whether to continue or not; negotiating in the second meeting will be made. If you have not yet used the word "relationship" at this point, the resulting mechanism is this one. But it is important that you stay calm and patient at this stage because the situation called “relationship” is slow
  • 9.
    You may feel a little restless because of your excitement. You may even be impatient to concentrate your emotions, but this will not happen yet, so you should see your second encounter as a time that you know each other better, have a good time and try to have fun.
  • 10.
    If you have already told people that you liked him/her, you should tell them that you have a very enjoyable time together. Expressing your feelings is important, but be careful. It's too early for love or love words such as “you are different” or something similar. Make yourself feel safe by complimenting the person you like. Choose your words carefully. Know your sentences‟ psychological responsibilities.
  • 11.
    The second meeting is to discover the future possibilities by getting acquainted with the positive starting point of the first meeting and having a good time.
  • 12.
    On the other hand, of course, the second meeting is an opportunity to notice some details that seem to flee from the first meeting. It is an important step to see if you have a future at this point as a process. If you realize that you do not want to see him/her any more, you have not lost anything because you are still on the road, all you have to do is to be honest with yourself or share your thoughts and resolve with it

Do not force yourself to have a serious relationship. Club505 is here for this. Never rush! And choose your partner carefully


Love, technology and friends: Which one is breaking the balance?

In the 21st Century, love has become an integral part of our lives, even if we do not like our life and technology. And it certainly has many advantages. Online dating sites like Club505, Match or Tinder, allows us to discover new relationships without leaving our home. Our mobile phones enable us to communicate with our potential partner even when we are out and on the road. But how do we know what is right and what is not right when the subject is relationship and technology? What kind of dangers does the use of intensive technology entail for love in our lives?

Etiquette rules for mobile phone use

If you are responding to every call that comes in at your appointment with someone you care about, and your phone is not shut down, stop! This is a very rude behavior. If you want to show that you are worthy of your humanity, shut your phone down if possible and give your attention to this person. Texting is the same. We suggest you to pay attention to how much this person cares about you and how you show it to the person you like, not those who do not fall into the phone.

Status updates on social networking sites

What is the right behavior for your social status updates on social platforms and blogs in an age of "full of private life details"? How much can you share about yourself? As Carrie Bradshaw in the Sex and the City series, we advise you to be careful about your status updates if you do not share your living with your private life because the words may have a huge and wrong effect. So I advise you to be careful about sharing details in your private life and not to share too much information. Sharing your personal life with hundreds and thousands of people is not a kind of gentle behavior and can cause you to lose respect and interest.

Leave a message

We all have heard from friends or fame who have received the message of leaving their love. But leaving one with a text message is one of the biggest punishments you can make against this person and cannot be tolerated in any way. Show respect and value to a person you have shared something with, and if possible, do it face-to-face or on-the-phone if you are not at all.

It is not so difficult to integrate technology into ourselves and our lives without harming human beings. A few basic etiquettes to consider are sufficient. In situations where you are not sure what you need to do, you can find the right way by asking yourself a single question: "How do I feel when I face the same person?"

Even if it's the Club505 that you've spent all your time with... Even if it’s not your lover, but your friend... Drop the phone by hand, lift your head up and say a few sentences to your friends. Be human, droid!


With or Without a Makeup: Analysis from Social Flirting Sites’ Statistics

A woman will spend half the day for a serious makeup. Although they claim that it’s not for men, the main purpose is to look nice to men. We all know it. But there is a different environment in Club505. Elegant women and classy mens are here! Therefore, it is usual for many women here to do makeup for the first meeting and to dress elegantly. As a Club505 man, I have humbly tips for Club505 women…

Makeup is a method of ornamentation preferred by women since prehistoric times. If a man does not shave his armpit for months, feels himself dirty, then women can lose their self-confidence if they do not feel good without a makeup. It's not so hard to understand. Although the ultimate excuse seems to be for men, women do makeup for themselves as well. First of all, women should not be judged.

While Instagram has 800 million active users world-wide, 68% of its users are female (Source: Omnicore Agency). Every 5 Stories shared in the Instagram allows the user to receive one direct message (Source: DigitalGYD) and the percentage is found to be 90% for Stories about fun content and the women who show their body lines clearly. Dating app Tinder’s right-swipe rate is 70% higher for a woman with makeup than a woman without a makeup (Source: Business of Apps).

As you can see, almost every platform has its own different algorithms. But the things are a little different in Club505. Regardless of a makeup, men prefer to talk to women with strong communication in Club505. Word choices are very important for the first messages. You need to get rid of the ordinary "Hello" or the frightening "Where do you live" questions. This is a different article topic; I will not stand on it.

Your conversation with a man in Club505 has improved very well. And you decided to meet to get to know each other better. According to your mutual dialogue, it would not make sense to dress up and make up by your conversation history. You should decide according to the place and time you will go. An evening meal? A concert? Morning march? You do not want to look different in your environment. You should wear proper clothes that are not irrelevant. Makeup should also change according to the time you will go out and the place you will go.

Many men do not like to notice the makeup of a woman's face. However, a woman with plenty of makeup due to erotic reasons may be found attractive. Especially the fetish issue is closed to debate. As a man, although I could not answer the question "how to make make-up", I hope that I could tell what the real deal is. The most men are disturbed by makeup that does not fit the time and place in the summary. Period.


It Will Not Be As Easy As You Imagine To Reach That Woman You Imagine!

Every man has had one or more women in his life, perhaps even though he did not speak a single word, but he was in love as crazy, he could not stop thinking, and didn’t dare to approach.

The situation I describe above often begins in a man's school years (yeah then there was no Club505), and perhaps lasts for a lifetime at certain intervals. A woman who is perceived as "inaccessible" is as idealized by a man as she is, and the man will move away from her after a while.

We have some recommendations for men in this or similar situation:

If you think you are in love with a woman you do not know or have never spoken to, be aware that it is not love but desire to have it.

The affected person, especially the person who is less emotional in the first meeting, always dictates the situation and makes the choices. So all happiness in your life depends on how you meet with a lady and how this meeting goes, you lose your chances from the very beginning. The more you strangle yourself because of a woman, the more emotionally you are affected and you are almost guaranteed to be rejected in this way.

Women want to admire the man they are with. When you ask a woman what characteristic her partner is in love, she tells something about his personality. It does not matter what the point is, it is important that the woman can respect and admire the man she is with. On the contrary, if you admire a woman, she will feel it. And sad but true; she may lose interest, thinking that she is the side that controls the race.

This "desire object" becomes more valuable when you have to work hard for something you want to achieve. The same applies to our relationship with women. It feels like a challenge by the woman you cannot get easily or that you cannot go back anytime and it will most likely attract attention. Do not take the glory that comes with it.

Finally, you should learn to overcome your fears and approach the woman you like. If you have a negative answer, at least it will be learned as soon as possible, you will not lose any more time. Finding out how to approach women is crucial not only to get the woman you dreamed of being with for a long time, but to be able to deal with it in the face of a possible negative answer.


5 Nonsense Topics That Should Never Be Spoken In the First Date

In our first encounter, we always try to keep a nice balance between chemistry and a pleasant conversation. This is especially true for Club505. You need to influence your potential partner with the creative first-sentences you use. We have summarized for you some typical conversations that should not be opened for the successful real-life date.

1. ANY subject about your ex-girlfriend

It doesn’t matter what it is. The important thing is that you do not enter any chat about your ex. Because when you tell a negative remembrance you look like a poor victim, when you tell a beautiful moment you still do not forget your ex. Any information you share about your ex-girlfriend will be shown in a light you do not want.

2. Issues related to your presence status

It is not always easy to talk about such things because sometimes your hobbies or the holidays you are going to give way to your presence. For example, when you talk about your last ski vacation in Switzerland, this automatically tells something. So we recommend that you talk about your experiences from the tools to make your conversation go well. Instead of telling about your latest snowboard for your ski vacation, talk about what you have experienced on a village tour for example.

3. Your past ‘adventurous’ days

As a general rule, you should not enter your personal life stories too deeply in the first meeting. The people you meet will be much more interested in your present life. Talking too much about your adventurous days, like your ‘crazy’ nightlife in the past or your old job you've always been traveling on, can make your life seem monotonous and boring.

4. Your health problems

As we have already mentioned, it is useful to note that the first conversation turns around fun topics. It is not fun to tell you that you will be taking a cyst in your body next week. Likewise, chronic diverticulitis is not a fun conversation. In short, any kind of medical problem is a false conversation for the first meeting. Whether you do or don’t, we all enjoy healthy and lively people. So your health problems will affect your image negatively.

5. Details of your businesses

Career-minded people are often detailed and very successful in concentrating on the smallest detail in their work. And every day they think that most of their time is very interesting because they are concentrated in a project or closed to their office, but often the opposite party does not perceive it. There are natural exceptions, like a surgeon who has done brain transplantation, or a director who shots a movie with a famous actor... But the most people are not as exciting as they feel, by the other person. So it is quite normal to describe your business in general, but we don’t recommend you to do so at the beginning of the relationship.


3 Behaviors You Need to Avoid When Looking for A Serious Relationship

One-night stand or a long-term relationship... Whatever your goal is, you're in Club505 and expected looking for any kind of relationship. I will mention the situations you need to stay away from while looking for a long relationship in this article.

1. Do not look desperate

Persons who are evident in any way they are looking for are forced to be calm and patient in this process, and they have a negative impact on their chances of finding the right person with the behaviors they reflect out of their impatience. We recommend you: try to be a little more relaxed and calm. Someone you've just met will most likely not find your despair attractive.

2. Do not try to look different than you are

Do not try to look as different as you are to people that you like. It will be very tiring for you in the long turn to look different from what you are, and it will make a serious disappointment about you. And do not we all want to act like we are and be loved like that?

3. Do not always fall in love with the same type of a person

Tall, brown and blue eyes… Are you always looking for the same features? In this case, we recommend you observe your usual code of conduct and the image of ideal marriage or partner in your mind. Because we often cannot see a person who is in front of our eyes due to these strict criteria and our approach and the signals that this person sends us. What do you say to try it: choose 2 or 3 criteria that you do not want to give up, be more flexible in features other than those, and give some chances that you did not expect before. Because whether or not we want to be related is not only dependent on external factors, but the opportunities that come out in our lives often develop in the direction of our own approach. Always try to find love. Maybe the best dating apps can help you. But do not expect everything from technology boi!

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Men Who Have Trouble Calling a New Lady They Matched

I have a question to you .... Do you feel uncomfortable when you need to call a lady for a date? It’s easy asking for her number on Club505; you just type here. But do you think exactly what to say, how to say it, what to do when you get a negative answer? Are you nervous when you dial the number? It doesn’t make you feel like chatting by typing right?

Now we will ask you some other question... Have you ever witnessed that she has behaved completely different from your last opinion after calling a lady and talking to her? Or suddenly you were cold in the middle of nowhere? It's like you're talking to a different person who you met a few days ago on Internet.


Have you ever called a lady you just met and froze when you were invited to a full conversation after a nice chat, and you did not know what to say? Or did you take the following response to your invitation at the end of talking: "It is very busy this week, but thanks for inviting..."

Why is such a short interview so difficult?

Often these difficulties stem from a number of more profound problems. And it is important to try to overcome these difficulties, rather than trying to save the moment, to know where the problem originated and take the necessary precautions. But, what are these measures

Initially, you have more than one alternative. The first step on the way to relate is to make an appointment, and meeting two or three ladies at this stage, instead of connecting all your hopes to a single lady, reduce the pressure you feel on you and make yourself feel comfortable. This does not mean that you continue to meet other ladies when you find the person you are looking for.

Instead of inviting her to an appointment like a meal, talk about the things you do and suggest that she can join you. If you offered to participate in an already existing program, you can immediately say "You’re about to miss that fun!" or "I believe you don’t like to have a good time". Note that all your sentences must change according to the person you’re talking with

Be prepared for the possibility that she is not the woman of your life when you call. Because most of the ladies you will meet for the rest of your life will not be the people you will want to spend your life together for their personalities, future expectations or behaviors. Of course this is not true for the ladies that you have met before. Keeping this possibility in mind when opening the phone will help you not look desperate.

You will feel much more comfortable on the phone with these short and simple recommendations, and you will be sure to discover new dimensions when you meet. Dating app communication is completely different. Club505, one of the most practical sites bringing men and women together, services of launching comfortable communication to its users. If you're one of the 505 lucky men in your town and you do not know how to talk to a woman on the phone, you need to find out. Otherwise you can move away yourself by having a horrible phone-call to the women you attracted by your text.

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Why Club 505

We claim that Club505 is the classiest dating app you can ever see..

Due to other apps’ unrealistic match systems, couples focus more on the profile picture on each other. The common problem of all dating applications / sites in the world is that male members aggressively trying to make a collection of women matches. There's no point in what women look like to them. Men automatically slide their fingers to the right. We all know it! Women have a similar issue. In many other dating apps, women only want to see men who have interest on themselves (or their profile pictures). Although it feels good to women, it is very difficult for them to have a serious date.

One-night stand or a long term relationship... It does not matter whatever your expectations are. Club505 is the most effective dating application ever. Because there are people here who know what they want! Otherwise the Club505 will never accept members with different expectations.

You cannot see the soullessness match system in Club505. Users know that all members are carefully selected. Members do not spend time to trying to match each other. Everyone sees each other’s profiles and starts talking whenever they wish and with whoever they want.

Club505 has some limits for male members. Only 505 male members are accepted from each city. This is a deterrent that prevents male members from being greedy and this makes the platform a more valuable place for women. You know that the man who wrote you as a woman did not write you for being bored. Thanks to the 505 male limit policy, men have many women options here. As a woman, if you have received a message from a man, you’ll know it means that he really likes you.

So, it also makes it possible for men to present themselves in a more special way. Club505 is in a far different position than the traditional dating apps. Because the system never accepts the memberships of those who are not ideal for other members.

There are only high-income classy male members here. But it is not enough reason for a man who is only rich to be a member of Club505. All members are carefully accepted to ensure the comfort of all users and create healthy relationships. Women know that men in Club505 know how to live the life.

Welcome to the Club505 where real relationships are created. There is no room for lies here.

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The Mistakes Most Men Make for a Good Relationship

It is not just women who want happiness in a relationship. Nowadays, many men want to spend their limited time in a peaceful relationship. You come to the world only once. Dating apps like Club505, you have to be able to use your tools well.

The first step in a new relationship is expected to be taken by the man. But there are a lot of men who have difficulty trying to do this and do not know what to do. Our editors have summarized for you the mistakes most often made by men when looking for a happy relationship.

Mistake 1: Exaggerated attention on dating apps or on a date

Did you notice that ladies did not choose their lovers many times for "goodness"? In fact, you have one or more female friends who always meet a scapegrace man every time. And these female friends are never interested in you for some reason. The reason for this is simple; because women often make their choices based on instinctive attraction. And being a good person unfortunately does not affect this instinctive attraction. It may sound irrational, but it is the first step on the road to a good relationship to accept the situation and concentrate on one who finds you attracted by all feelings, instead of just spending your time looking at someone who is "very good".

Mistake 2: Trying to convince her that you love her

Most men try to "persuade" the woman to feel different when they face a lady who is very pleased but does not care for them. It must be acknowledged that you are realistic in this regard and that the feelings of the woman you like will never change with the greatest likelihood. Do not forget that love is beyond reason. There's no point in begging and insisting. Do not waste your time and find a lady on Club505, who will understand your value.

Mistake 3: Pending continuous approval

Some men seek constant approval to earn a woman's liking or appreciation. But remember, ladies often do not like men who try to fit themselves in this way because it is perceived as a low self. You do not have to act badly to win a natural lady's interest. But if you think that you are good to the woman, you always get her approval or permission, we advise you to correct this thought

Mistake 4: Trying to buy a woman's love with expensive food and gifts

You have invited a lady to have a nice dinner, bought her gifts and flowers, and finally she refused you for a man who did not treat him as well as yours... Familiar? Do not conquer a woman's heart with gifts you actually give the following message: "I do not think you will love me like I am, and I am trying to buy love and interest." This does not mean that you should never invite a lady to dinner. But in doing so, make sure that you do not try to compensate for your good faith, trust, and not to manipulate the person on your side.

Mistake 5: Sharing your feelings early

This is a mistake that men often fall into. Some men do not realize that a woman always has a number of men around her that are interested on her. Women, on the other hand, know very well what they usually want. The fact that a man confesses that he is in love at the first or second meeting like crazy, takes the woman away from himself. Because such a confession will cause her to think that you have no difference from other men, or even that you have difficulty in mastering your feelings. So don’t be quick to share your feelings.

In Club505, site charges a fee for male members and we have only 505 men in each city. There certainly is a reason. This is one of the most important excuses of these policies. If you don’t feel competitive and you are sure that she knows that all the men in Club505 are classy ones, your job is easier. First, you need to be self-confident so that you look like someone who has confidence by your potential-date. Second, always keep your membership updated. Until you find a partner in your dream. Have fun

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For Those Who Have Children And Are Looking For a Partner Again

After a long period of time alone, you have finally come out with a person on Club505 you can share your life with, but your children are showing some negative behavior. The reasons for these negative behaviors can be fear, jealousy or sometimes anxiety and can be summarized as 3 main reasons. I have prepared a little guide to help you deal with the problems you have with your children.

1. Your child is no longer with his/her mother or father

If your children do not approve your new deal, it may be because you are no longer with his/her mother/father. And you are most likely to be upset with someone else. Maybe you lost your ex-wife because of an illness, maybe you're divorced. But it is sad and it hurts to think of being with a new person for your child anyway. Therefore, children often reject the mother or the father's replacement. Especially when marriage is on the agenda, this behavior becomes more obvious because marriage is felt more like the filling of the mother or father's place. That's why your child may say "I don’t want you to be with this one!", but this behavior and attitude are a way of sabotaging your new relationship.

In such a situation, it is inevitable for your children to make a speech that clearly expresses your needs. Because children do not see their parents as people who need love, sexuality and romance. It may be difficult for you to talk, but it is inevitable as I have mentioned above. So you should tell your children that you understand their worries, but that the love of the child is not enough for your needs for love and a happy life. You must remind them that you are not just a parent, but a person who also needs it.

2. In the past you suffered, abused or subjected to violence

If you have been treated badly in a past relationship, your children will most likely be worried about your new relationship. In this case, show your children that you are happy about their interest and support. If your children are adults, you will comfort them if you introduce them without losing too much time. The final decision is always yours, but listening to the thoughts of your children will help you make the right choice. Even if you have not experienced any negativity in relation to the past, it is perfectly natural that your child is worried that a bad person can come out. Especially if you have not met anyone for many years, it is important that you be careful about new people who can enter your life. If someone you've just met recently wants to borrow from you - no matter what the cause - you can be sure there is a fraud in this business. When you tell your children that you care about their concerns, you will see that they will be relieved.

3. Your children want to protect you from your imagination

Your children may be worried that if you have lost your loved one because of an illness and have witnessed your suffering, he/she may worry that your next affair will end in the same pain. Or when you have a long and problematic divorce process, he/she is afraid of having to experience the same problems and frustrations once again. In this case, a serious conversation with your children is inevitable. You need to tell them that you are aware that there is some risk of having a new person, but that you are experiencing this risk for a happy relationship or marriage.

Club505 is a good platform to set up a foundation for a new relationship. Here, male members are carefully approved as female members. Don’t hesitate to use Club505 to build a quality future for your children. But you definitely need to tell your potential-partner that you have children.

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Gift Ideas to Buy For a Lady You Just Met in Club505

You've just met with a new girl from Club505 and want to give her a gift or your love affair's birthday date is approaching and you have done something to please her, but don’t you know what to do? Do you want to give your lover only a kind gift? It is not always easy to buy a gift to a lady. But it is also a fact that it is much more important for the ladies to be taken in consideration of the price of what is often presented as a gift. For example, if you buy a very expensive jewelry for your lady, this jewel may make her even unhappy if it doesn’t reflect the taste or style. It is going to be nice to try to pick something out of the things you live and share while you are giving the gift. We also made a small gift list for you to make your job easier.

The first step in a new relationship is expected to be taken by the man. But there are a lot of men who have difficulty trying to do this and do not know what to do. Our editors have summarized for you the mistakes most often made by men when looking for a happy relationship.

  • 1. Massage, skin care or aromatherapy day at a beautiful spa
  • 2. Annual subscription for the favorite magazine
  • 3. A nice and quality box of chocolat
  • 4. A necklace with your photo (this is only for serious relationships)
  • 5. A colorful and fragrant orchid
  • 6. A game set like Scrabble or Monopoly (it’s just an example; be creative
  • 7. A soft bathrobe
  • 8. Exotic fragrance perfume
  • 9. A massage chair in which she can get away from the stress of the day
  • 10. A fine wine produced in a different country
  • 11. Sexy underwear
  • 12. A mouse pad with a photo of her pet or her child
  • 13. A beautiful wrist watc
  • 14. A gift basket consisting of things she may love (fruit, chocolate, flowers, etc.)

But please, avoid giving gifts to “any”one. A lot of people don’t like taking gifts from people they are not too sincere. So don’t buy the gift as an escape hatch. Club505 is designed so that couples can get to know each other well before they meet. Once you've met a woman in Club505, it's not too hard to figure out whether she likes gifts from a stranger or not.

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Can’t forget your ex? Here are 3 solutions how to deal with it!

I know it can be a huge pain when you break up with someone you loved. This issue may take moths, even years. At first, you need to try to be calm and realize that situation is normal. And note that you don’t need a serious relationship to forget your ex. Only thing to do is taking care of yourself.

Solution 1: Dating apps like Tinder and Club505

There are tons of services that may help you. If you’re a female, you can register for free to Club505 in minutes. And you’ll have the chance to have an access to the most elegant 505 men in your city here. And if you’re a male, you’ll need to pay a certain amount of fee to register. The difference between Club505 and other dating apps is male members are not in a competition with others in Club505. It sounds like a cure to your depression, isn’t it?

Solution 2: Start doing sports

It is one of the best ways to take care of yourself to get rid of this depressive episode quickly. Especially bodybuilding is a sport that is extremely motivating for a person. As you see that body shapes are getting better every day, your confidence will increase. You will also get all the necessary nutrients because you will be careful what you eat during the time you are doing sports. In addition, this combo completes with regular sleeping times. Trust me; you’ll not have time to be in depression. And he/she will fly away from your mind.

Things to stay away from

Never play computer games which create high tension on you. Avoid listening to aggressive music if possible (for a while at least). Don’t keep her/his remains in your home. Do not talk to people who are making you stressed. If you’re a male and you don’t have money to afford the price of registration for Club505, there are free dating apps like Tinder. But I’m telling you again; you don’t need a new long-term relationship to forget your ex. Never and ever waste other people’s time to do it!

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4-Step Relationship Guide for Women

Today, relationships’ establishing ways have changed a lot. In the past, women often started dating men who they had met from the place they lived, or a man who stared at a restaurant. It's been only 15 years that newspapers making news about the people who meet and marry on the Internet. 6 years before Tinder Inc. was found (Source: ) which is a milestone of matchmaking industry. But now, there are tons of dating apps like Tinder. Ok, maybe Club505 is offering a unique way to do it but it’s still in the same market. It's easier to find an upper-class partner now. Especially for women. But to be able to continue an important relationship, in this article we share what women need to pay attention to.

Be clear about your freedom

Avoid being jealous. At the same time, expect the same demeanor against him. Jealousy does not improve the deal; on the contrary it leads to worse. You have to show that you are fond of your freedom by letting your boyfriend feel free.

Don’t waste his time

If you want a serious relationship, the other side needs to know it. If you want to have a short relationship, you should also talk to your boyfriend in the same way.

Avoid having a corporate style

It is normal for you to have a serious attitude during a short conversation with someone you meet for the first time. However, after a certain dialogue, people have to destroy the walls. You have to be as sincere as possible in relation to your boyfriend. This is an important deterrent for you to feel comfortable together.

Be direct, but gently

If your boyfriend has attitudes you do not like, it's his natural right to know. Never try to change your partner. But if he has features you don’t like, don’t hesitate to say it. Be prepared for the criticisms that will come to you in the same way. One of the things that develop the most in a person is the people who have had relationships with. Don’t forget to be polite when talking about negative things about him.

Club505 is a unique matchmaking site where elegant people can meet. It’s not like other dating apps like Tinder. Use this facility with care. Always be gentle with the other men. Do not forget that every member of Club505 is an upper-class person. It's not just their bank account. We do not accept people who are based on bothering other people. The rest is up to you.

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Which Zodiac Signs To Fall In ‘Bed’ With?

Although it is wrong to shape our lives according to the signs, we occasionally go to investigate the signs. Pisces is a good lover just because he's emotional? Is Scorpio really a good sex partner? I've been navigating some astrology sites for a long time to create this content series. I’ll write about more other signs on my next articles. Trust me. I'm not making it out of my head!

Aries: Sex is the first

Aries people don’t like to be disappointed in bed. They also enjoy having sex in different environments constantly. It is easy for them to use the phrase "I love you". Relations build on passion. They never like to being ordered. You’ll find a fun sex, but get ready for a hard time for love.

Taurus: "You are mine"

Taurus is hardly connected. But when they get an emotional connection they never want to break it. They like formalities in their relationships. They may disturb their partners because they are overly jealous. One of the other bad sides is to be stubborn. But be ready for a lot of action in bed. If there is an emotional attraction between you and the Taurus, there is no fantasy you cannot do.

Gemini: Fantastic dreams when awake

It’s very rare to see them bored. There is a Libertarian affair on their side. They usually do not plan marriage even if it’s a long-term relationship. But it should also be noted that the relations have been going on for too long. They know the games played in bed and have a variable spirit. So be ready to experience different experiences every night.

Scorpio: Are you ready for the most unusual sex experience?

It would not be right for Scorpio men to say the same thing. However, you cannot experience sex with any other person you have experienced with a Scorpio woman. They like to have control over the bed themselves. They also will not leave their duty until their partner says “It’s enough, I’m out!”

Unlike the other dating apps like Tinder, in Club505, you can see people’s Zodiac signs under their profile picture. Perhaps many of you don’t believe in the realism of the signs. However, the alignment of characters with horoscopes has always been an interesting issue.

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2-steps quick guide: How to choose a profile photo for matchmaking sites?

Almost all dating apps like Tinder, or OkCupid will ask you to upload a profile picture or synchronize your social media accounts for it. Of course Club505 has a different method. Just like Tinder, you’ll need a Facebook account when logging in to Club505. But face recognition system developed by Club505 won’t let you to use fake pictures. In this article, not only for Club505; I will share useful information and tactics about your pictures for all matchmaking sites.

Prefer photos that look like you normally are

Let’s say someone likes your profile photo and wants to meet you. But you know that your profile picture isn’t really looking like you. Or you’re normally wearing glasses but on your profile picture you want to look like Henry Morgan so decided not to wear those. You would be extremely stressed because there is a big chance that your potential-partner may find you different. It will be a big disappointment. So you should try to be like yourself all the time, and you shouldn’t use photoshoped images as your profile picture as well.

‘Talk about yourself’ by your pictures

I believe you understood what I exactly mean. I don’t mean you to take pictures at your work, or having a nap on your couch. A picture worth a thousand words. If you know how to enjoy the life, you look silly if you write that in your description. Show people you’re travelling, hiking or surfing with your pictures. But of course, if you don’t do these stuff so often, never mind! But your profile picture must be clear and your face lines needed to be seen at the first sight.

Other dating apps like Tinder are not offering you to help you finding an upper-class partner. Even if Club505 does that, you always need to be as yourself. Having a high yearly salary doesn’t mean those people are looking for someone who climbs the Everest Mt. If you’re a cheerful fun, don’t act like a desperate gothic I mean.

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Why You Shouldn’t Ask For A Man's Salary?

In Club505, unlike any other dating apps like Tinder, you have the chance to chat directly with people you have an interest on. You know you can find an upper-class partner here but you might be wondering what the income of these people have. Never, but never ask how much money what man is making in a year. I explain you why.

The income is personal

First of all it is not just men; it is not necessary to ask women how much they earn. People may not want to share such information. If you ask this question, you’ll leave the other person in a difficult situation. Income is a private stuff. When you are part of that man's private life, you will already know that for yourself.

You scare the man

When you ask the man's salary, he will be afraid of you if he doesn’t know you well. Man might think you want to be with him for his money. There is not a single rich man in this world that doesn’t care about money. If he thinks you're interested in his money, he may calculate how much money you ‘worth’ for. It’d be a terrible situation for you.

He may think money is at the center of your life

The questions you ask indicate your curiosity. His money is his money. So you have nothing to do with it right? If you ask about his dog's genus, he thinks you like dogs. If you ask about his bicycle brand, he knows that you are interested in bicycles. Now, think again. Will you still ask for his salary?

Not only in Club505… You should never ask a man’s salary in any other dating apps like Tinder nor the real life. An elegant man would ignore you kindly and you may never have a chance to reach him again.

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