12 Suggestions for A Jammy Second Date

You met someone on Club505, everything went well in your first meeting, and you promised to meet again… So, what will happen now?

After the first meeting, even though everything is going well, the people start to worry and question the situation they are in. However, the promise of meeting again shows that there is already a mutual interest and attraction, and that the person in your favor likes you. So it is time to take the next step and get to know more closely by putting the existing situation into a more concrete form for the next time:

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Love, technology and friends: Which one is breaking the balance?

In the 21st Century, love has become an integral part of our lives, even if we do not like our life and technology. And it certainly has many advantages. Online dating sites like Club505, Match or Tinder, allows us to discover new relationships without leaving our home. Our mobile phones enable us to communicate with our potential partner even when we are out and on the road. But how do we know what is right and what is not right when the subject is relationship and technology?

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With or Without a Makeup: Analysis from Social Flirting Sites’ Statistics

A woman will spend half the day for a serious makeup. Although they claim that it’s not for men, the main purpose is to look nice to men. We all know it. But there is a different environment in Club505. Elegant women and classy mens are here! Therefore, it is usual for many women here to do makeup for the first meeting and to dress elegantly. As a Club505 man, I have humbly tips for Club505 women…

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It Will Not Be As Easy As You Imagine To Reach That Woman You Imagine

Every man has had one or more women in his life, perhaps even though he did not speak a single word, but he was in love as crazy, he could not stop thinking, and didn’t dare to approach.

The situation I describe above often begins in a man's school years (yeah then there was no Club505), and perhaps lasts for a lifetime at certain intervals. A woman who is perceived as "inaccessible" is as idealized by a man as she is, and the man will move away from her after a while.

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5 Nonsense Topics That Should Never Be Spoken In the First Dat

In our first encounter, we always try to keep a nice balance between chemistry and a pleasant conversation. This is especially true for Club505. You need to influence your potential partner with the creative first-sentences you use. We have summarized for you some typical conversations that should not be opened for the successful real-life date.

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3 Behaviors You Need to Avoid When Looking for A Serious Relationship

One-night stand or a long-term relationship... Whatever your goal is, you're in Club505 and expected looking for any kind of relationship. I will mention the situations you need to stay away from while looking for a long relationship in this article.

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Men Who Have Trouble Calling a New Lady They Matched

I have a question to you .... Do you feel uncomfortable when you need to call a lady for a date? It’s easy asking for her number on Club505; you just type here. But do you think exactly what to say, how to say it, what to do when you get a negative answer? Are you nervous when you dial the number? It doesn’t make you feel like chatting by typing right?

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Why Club 505

We claim that Club505 is the classiest dating app you can ever see..

Due to other apps’ unrealistic match systems, couples focus more on the profile picture on each other. The common problem of all dating applications / sites in the world is that male members aggressively trying to make a collection of women matches. There's no point in what women look like to them. Men automatically slide their fingers to the right. We all know it! Women have a similar issue. In many other dating apps, women only want to see men who have interest on themselves (or their profile pictures). Although it feels good to women, it is very difficult for them to have a serious date.

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The Mistakes Most Men Make for a Good Relationship

It is not just women who want happiness in a relationship. Nowadays, many men want to spend their limited time in a peaceful relationship. You come to the world only once. Dating apps like Club505, you have to be able to use your tools well. The first step in a new relationship is expected to be taken by the man. But there are a lot of men who have difficulty trying to do this and do not know what to do. Our editors have summarized for you the mistakes most often made by men when looking for a happy relationship

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For Those Who Have Children And Are Looking For a Partner Again

After a long period of time alone, you have finally come out with a person on Club505 you can share your life with, but your children are showing some negative behavior. The reasons for these negative behaviors can be fear, jealousy or sometimes anxiety and can be summarized as 3 main reasons. I have prepared a little guide to help you deal with the problems you have with your children.

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Gift Ideas to Buy For a Lady You Just Met in Club505

You've just met with a new girl from Club505 and want to give her a gift or your love affair's birthday date is approaching and you have done something to please her, but don’t you know what to do? Do you want to give your lover only a kind gift?

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Can’t forget your ex? Here are 3 solutions how to deal with it!

I know it can be a huge pain when you break up with someone you loved. This issue may take moths, even years. At first, you need to try to be calm and realize that situation is normal. And note that you don’t need a serious relationship to forget your ex. Only thing to do is taking care of yourself

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4-Step Relationship Guide for Women

Today, relationships’ establishing ways have changed a lot. In the past, women often started dating men who they had met from the place they lived, or a man who stared at a restaurant. It's been only 15 years that newspapers making news about the people who meet and marry on the Internet. 6 years before Tinder Inc. was found (Source: ) which is a milestone of matchmaking industry.

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Which Zodiac Signs To Fall In ‘Bed’ With?

Although it is wrong to shape our lives according to the signs, we occasionally go to investigate the signs. Pisces is a good lover just because he's emotional? Is Scorpio really a good sex partner? I've been navigating some astrology sites for a long time to create this content series. I’ll write about more other signs on my next articles. Trust me. I'm not making it out of my head!

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2-steps quick guide: How to choose a profile photo for matchmaking sites?

Almost all dating apps like Tinder, or OkCupid will ask you to upload a profile picture or synchronize your social media accounts for it. Of course Club505 has a different method. Just like Tinder, you’ll need a Facebook account when logging in to Club505.

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Why You Shouldn’t Ask For A Man's Salary?

In Club505, unlike any other dating apps like Tinder, you have the chance to chat directly with people you have an interest on. You know you can find an upper-class partner here but you might be wondering what the income of these people have. Never, but never ask how much money what man is making in a year. I explain you why.

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