How much does Club505 cost for ladies? Is it free?

Club505 is a platform that does not charge for women. This application aims to remove the common complaints of women about dating apps. Women who want to become members of Club505 can sign up for free; they can easily access carefully selected rich and classy gentlemen who are ready for a relationship.

How much does Club505 cost for gentlemen?

In Club505, men can sign up for €59.99 for a month. Daily membership fee is €2.99.

Can I register without Facebook account?

No, you cannot. Club505 respects your privacy and never makes a share from your Facebook page. Club505 protects the profiles of the couples and the messaging between them with the encrypted security wall. The same technical system is used by the banking sector. Club505 respects the service it gives. Club505 requests login with Facebook to block fraudulent accounts and access the information it needs; pictures, city and other demographic data.

How many gentlemen are there in Club505?

Club505 is limited to 505 men for each city. But there is no limit for women. Therefore, the probability of matching among couples is much higher than in other applications. Club505 is a very precisely planned platform, calculated very carefully by its creators. In here, there are no women who cannot find what they look for. Men also have what they deserve.

Do you post anything on Facebook?

Never! Club505 does not need to advertise through the personal profiles of its users. The privacy of its users is at the first-place. Never and absolutely no sharing will be done from your Facebook account!

It says ‘505 gentlemen already registered’ do I have to wait?

Club505 accepts 505 male members for each city. Therefore, the 506th member will wait for someone to close their account. But do not worry. Thanks to the 505 male member policy, Club505 differentiates itself from other dating applications. It's worth to wait!

How long will I wait if 505 men already registered in my town?

This process is different for every city. When it takes months to become a member in New York or Paris, it takes only a week in Dubai. But do not forget; this only applies to cities that have reached the limit of 505 male members!

Why does Club505 cost a lot?

It is not right to compare Club505 with other dating applications. Other platforms offer free memberships and publish advertisements and open their platforms for all users to use. They never do any work on collecting quality members. So both men and women cannot find the people they imagine. Club505 has an original and innovative system. Therefore, all of our members can find the best for themselves. The system brings together rich, strong and classy men to female members. It makes it very easy for male members to find a new partner. Our female members are carefully selected like male members and chosen of elegant and realistic women who know what they want. In Club505 you will not see users who advertise their Instagram accounts!

What is the difference from Tinder?

It has always been hard to bring a date after a match in Tinder. Men usually like most women, and keep them in their pocket for later. Women do the same thing. Women, however, usually do not post messages to people they match in Tinder. These kinds of applications come out of dating practice and they act like they have a "I like your profile photo. Do you like mine?" system. This is not actually Tinder's fault; it's about people's habits. Women and men in Club 505 know what they want.

Do I have to match with a girl to chat?

No. There is no match system in Club505. Every woman can see men, and every men can see women members. This is also one of the things what makes Club505 different than any other dating apps.

I am a man. Can I register for free?

Unfortunately, no. Membership in Club505 is limited to 505 gentlemen in every city. At the same time, men also need to pay to become a member. There is no limit for women, payment requests, etc. That’s why there are thousands of women in Club505.

In which cities can I use Club505?

You can use Club505 in Los Angeles, New York, London, Paris, Dubai and now in Istanbul. This is a fast-growing application, so we try to actively implement it in as many different cities as possible.

Can escort women join Club505?

No. Club505 have various artificial intelligence algorithms that finds escorts. Club505 holds the right to cancel membership of escort that are detected.

Can I upload nude photos?

No. Club505's artificial intelligence algorithms can detect nude photos and prevents one to upload to Club505 profile.

Can I advertise my personal service in Club505?

No. Club505 is not an advertising platform. It is the most elegant dating app so that you are not allowed to make any kind of advertisement in Club505.

Can I meet with other person for money?

No. Club505 does not allow anyone to meet for money. Club505 holds the right to cancel one's membership as soon as such action is detected.

I was a membership but it is canceled now. Why?

Club505 has very strict rules about escorting and prostitution as soon as you are flagged for such behaviour , Club505 holds the right to cancel your account for good.