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General terms and conditions of use for the online offer of Club505

General Terms and Conditions of Use for the Online Offer of Club505 Club505 (hereinafter referred to as CLUB505) operates software for mobile devices (so-called apps), which provides an interactive online communication platform, in particular, the exchange of text-based messages and the presentation of user profiles. Here, CLUB505 allows the use of different apps, whose communication orientation corresponds to the specific interests of the users.

The online offer of CLUB505 is exclusively for individuals (consumers as defined by § 13 of the Netherland Civil Code ), who have reached the age of sixteen (16), (member or user). Registration and / or use for commercial or professional purposes, particularly the dispatch of advertisement in any form (e.g., via news etc.) to other users of CLUB505 is not permitted.

1. Terms of Use

1.1 In the course of registration as a user (creation of a user account by the user) at CLUB505, the user agrees to the validity of these general conditions of use (hereinafter referred to as “GTC”). The user has the possibility at any time to take note of the provisions of the GTC in detail, to print out and / or to save. Unless explicitly stated otherwise in these Terms and Conditions and / or on the individual Internet pages of CLUB505, these General Terms and Conditions shall apply to the use of all offers, contents, functions and other services (summary: applications) of CLUB505.

2. Registration

2.1 The prerequisite for the use of the services is the creation of a user profile by the user, in which the user can store electronic image files, which reproduce his profile as well as textual descriptions of the profile. A requirement for registration as a user at CLUB505 is reaching the age of sixteenth (18th). CLUB505 is entitled, but not obliged, to check the age of the user on the basis of suitable official papers. Registration as a user requires that the user enters all mandatory data correctly into the electronic registration form that CLUB505 provides for these purposes. 2.2 If the user is of age, he / she is insured with the registration that he / she has completed the eighteenth (18) year and is fully capable of working. 2.3 If the user is a minor, he / she is insured with the registration, the sixteenth (16) year of age and has obtained the consent of his legal representative. In the case of the use of paid services (section 4), the minor user, with the consent of the supplementary terms, insures that the financial resources required to pay them have been left to him for this purpose or at his free disposal.

3. Establishment of user the agreement

3.1 In order to conclude the usage agreement, it is necessary to install the software offered by CLUB505, via which the communication network is implemented, on the user’s (i.d.r. mobile) terminal. In order to conclude the usage agreement, it is necessary for the user to register his person in the communication network via the software provided by the software. 3.2 Users are not entitled to conclude a usage contract. CLUB505 can refuse a beneficiary without stating reasons. In such a case, CLUB505 will promptly delete the data provided by the respective user in the registration form.

4. Free basic occupancy, paid services

4.1 The free service agreement allows registered users to use the basic functions of CLUB505 (basic user), particularly the representation of the data (image files / text files) intended for retrieval against other users, and the possibility, for example, of contacting other users via electronic messages within the (App) provided by CLUB505 for this purpose and to get to know them with mutual interest is not included. CLUB505 owes no success in this respect, but only the provision of the technical services to enable CLUB505 to make contact. Any form of marriage or matchmaking is expressly not covered by the contract. 4.2 In addition to the free use of the basic functions, registered users have the possibility to claim additional services and features (summary: services) from CLUB505 for remuneration. The nature, content, scope and prices of the available additional services can be found on the CLUB505 website or within the app’s description. The fees to be paid may entitle to a single or multiple use of a service, to use as a credit for one or more services, for time-dependent use (e.g., days, weeks, etc.) of services, or other forms of use. In addition to these terms and conditions, supplementary terms and conditions of the respective provider which provide the availability of the software for a specific operating system (e.g. Google Playstore), which also regulates the applicable payment modalities, apply to the fee-based additional services. The user must agree to the supplementary conditions before claiming the services in question, which results in a paid usage relationship. Insofar as the applicable supplementary terms do not contain any deviating regulations, all fees shall be due upon conclusion of contract. 4.3 The content and scope of the basic functions offered by CLUB505 and the additional paid services may be modified, restricted, extended or discontinued at any time due to continuous further development. If users have already paid fees for services that are subsequently restricted or discontinued or whose use is possible in the future free of charge, the user may require credit to other paid services or the repayment, if any, proportionate. Any further claims of the user are excluded.

5. Cancellation / termination of the contractual relationship

5.1 The free basic user runs indefinitely and can be terminated by the user at any time, most simply by deleting the user account in the settings, alternatively by e-mail ( or in writing (Club505, Wehrstraße 46, 73035 Amsterdam, Netherlands). 5.2 The ordinary termination of chargeable usage conditions is excluded if it is not a subscription. If the user subscribes to a subscription, this will automatically be extended depending on the period chosen, provided that the user does not terminate it within 24 hours’ notice of expiration. The termination of paid usage relationships has no influence on the existence of free basic usage and the use of the basic functions. In order to terminate the basic user, the user can delete or cancel his profile at any time in accordance with clause 5.1. With the termination of the basic use of payable usage conditions. The right to extraordinary termination without notice for good cause shall remain unaffected and shall be governed by statutory provisions.

6. Checking, blocking, deleting and securing user data

6.1 CLUB505 is entitled, but not obligated, to check the data and content set by users for the compliance with the terms and conditions and laws and to block or delete the contents concerned in whole or in part with the occurrence or imminent violations or legal violations. 6.2 The User shall take care of any data backup desired by the user. A data backup is not provided by CLUB505. CLUB505 assumes no liability whatsoever for the non-recovery of user data within the software provided by CLUB505 (including databases) in the event of a loss or damage to the data. CLUB505’s liability is excluded in particular if any damage to the user is due to the fact that it has not carried out its own data backups and thus ensured that lost data can be recovered at a reasonable cost.

7. Access data

7.1 The user shall treat his access data, particularly his password, confidentially and shall not pass them on to third parties or share them with third parties. Access data must be kept secure before access by third parties. Passwords should be changed regularly, at least every three months. 7.2 Should the user make access to his access data, particularly passwords, third parties, or otherwise use or disseminate them, CLUB505 has the right to temporarily or permanently block the profile of the user concerned and to terminate the user agreement without notice. 7.3 If the user has reason to believe that a third party uses his access data and / or profile, immediately inform CLUB505 in text form (letter, fax, e-mail) and CLUB505 shall provide all available evidence. 7.4 The user is solely responsible for the use of his access data, particularly passwords, by third parties or for acts or explanations, which are made via his profile. The user shall indemnify CLUB505 from all claims in respect of third parties, including the costs of the defense (legal and judicial costs), at the statutory rate on the first request. This does not apply if this is not the responsibility of the user. CLUB505’s liability for loss or misuse of the access data is excluded.

8. Data utilization and Data protection

8.1 CLUB505 collects, processes and uses personal data within the scope of the granted consent and legal provisions. Without explicit consent, CLUB505 collects and uses personal data only to the extent that this is necessary for the execution, use and, if necessary, settlement. 8.2 The data protection declaration provides information on which data are collected, stored and processed for what purpose, which minimum data are to be made, which can make additional voluntary data available to the user, and how the security of the personal data is guaranteed by CLUB505. Furthermore, the data protection declaration provides information on technical questions concerning data protection (e.g. cookies, log files, etc.). 8.3 CLUB505 explicitly points out that the data published by users at CLUB505 are voluntarily made available to a broad public. 8.4 Despite the fact that CLUB505 is constantly updated by firewalls and other protective devices, the highest possible security standards (in particular, SSL encryption of all data) is absolutely impossible to protect data on the Internet against unauthorized third-party access (hackers). CLUB505 is therefore not responsible for the unauthorized knowledge of user data by third parties, which by unintentionally overcoming the protection devices used against unauthorized access to stored data.

Liability of CLUB505

9.1 CLUB505 assumes no liability whatsoever for the correctness, completeness, topicality and legality of the data and contents posted by users. This exclusion of liability applies, particularly, if such content violates intellectual property rights (trademark rights, copyrights, etc.) or personality rights (eg general principles of personality, right to own image, etc.) of third parties. CLUB505 shall not be liable for any misuse of the content posted by users by other users or third parties. 9.2 CLUB505 does not check the data and content posted by the users to CLUB505 by means of a preliminary check. CLUB505 has no influence whatsoever on the contents of linked third-party Internet sites, a prior check is not carried out. CLUB505 is neither possible nor able to reasonably anticipate an ongoing control of the contents of third-party users or the contents of linked third-party internet sites. 9.3 As soon as CLUB505 becomes aware of legal violations in the content posted by users or on linked third-party sites, CLUB505 will remove such content and / or links within a reasonable period of time and take all necessary technical and personnel measures to avoid identical legal violations in the future. In addition, the user is obligated to provide all information on request against CLUB505 on request, particularly to express himself comprehensively to the complaint that content infringing the users’ profile has or has been discontinued. The user is expressly obliged to cooperate in the removal of legal violations. 9.4 Insofar as this is not within the sphere of responsibility of CLUB505 or its vicarious agents, CLUB505 is not liable for the uninterrupted usability or accessibility of CLUB505, for technical transmission delays or failures or for the correct functioning of infrastructures or transmission paths of the Internet. Even as long as interruptions to the availability of CLUB505 are necessary due to maintenance work, the liability of CLUB505 is excluded. 9.5 CLUB505 is not liable for damage caused by force majeure, war, terrorism and natural events or other events not foreseen by CLUB505 (eg strike, lockout, power failures, traffic disruptions, public orders, etc.) . 9.6 CLUB505 shall be liable for damage resulting from injury to life, body or health in accordance with statutory provisions. The same applies to damages caused by intent or gross negligence. In the case of simply negligent breach of a material contractual obligation (cardinal obligation), the liability of CLUB505 is limited to the replacement of the foreseeable, typically occurring damage. Liability under the Product Liability Act remains unaffected by the above regulations. Moreover, any further liability of CLUB505 is excluded. 9.7 If the liability of CLUB505 is excluded or restricted, this also applies to CLUB505 employees, staff, representatives and vicarious agents.

10. Guarantees of the user

10.1 The user guarantees that the data provided by him during the registration (obligatory) and later information on his person correspond to the truth, and that the profile image or other image files, which are transmitted, exclusively represent the user himself. The user guarantees and agrees that no image files transmitted by him to be used in the user profile, which can be used or used for publication within the software (app), will not be reproduced by third parties. 10.2 The user guarantees that the content he has set does not violate any legal regulations. 10.3 The user guarantees that all of the content (eg profile, texts, photos, graphic files, links, brands, etc. in any form) which he or she has set out to be used on CLUB505 are protected by third parties (Eg personality, trademark, copyrights, etc.) neither exist nor be infringed. 10.4 The user is responsible for the technically perfect condition as well as the virus-free nature of the content he has set, and CLUB505 is liable for any damages that CLUB505 incurs due to errors, viruses, worms, Trojans, etc. contained in the content he has set. This does not apply if the user is not responsible for the damage of data.

11. Responsibility and obligations of the user

11.1 The user may only use CLUB505’s services for private purposes according to the terms of the agreement. The user is solely responsible for all content posted by the user to CLUB505. 11.2 The user may only add contents (in particular texts, photos, illustrations, symbols, symbols, etc. in any form) to CLUB505, insofar as the rights required for publication on CLUB505 are held. 11.3 The user may only send messages of any kind (messages, etc.) to users of CLUB505 solely for the purpose of private communication. The user is to refrain from any untruthful, offensive, harassing, defamatory, offensive, sexist, racist, extreme political, extreme religious or extreme ideological expressions, or utterances that mislead the sender of the statement. The User shall be responsible for the responsible use in the communication means made available to him. 11.4 The user is allowed to transfer personal data of other users (eg names, photos, telephone and fax numbers, address data, e-mail addresses, etc.) or personal messages of other users of CLUB505 (eg messages etc.) without express prior explicit consent of the data subject or to make it accessible to third parties. 11.5 The user may not publish, exchange or otherwise make access to any CLUB505 access data (in particular passwords) including his own access data for CLUB505, codes or serial numbers of any kind. 11.6 The user may not place any links on websites with illegal content on CLUB505. Likewise, users are prohibited from making any expressions, offensive, harassing, defamatory, offensive, sexist, racist, extreme political, extreme religious or extreme ideological expressions within the software in the user profile or otherwise on websites. 11.7 Setting the following contents to CLUB505 is not permitted to the user, regardless of the form (eg in his or her own profile, in messages, etc.), without this list being final: Propaganda Means, Unconstitutional Organizations, Incitement, misleading or impersonating content, violence, threat, violation of human dignity, erotic representations of minors, pornography, advertisement or promotion of drugs, drugs or illicit substances of any kind in open or concealed form, as well as criminal contents of any kind Prohibition also extends to content that has satirical or criticizing the above circumstances. 11.8 Advertising by users – in whatever form -, in particular but not exclusively, the sending of notices with commercial or otherwise company-related content (advertising, personnel recruiting, chain letters, pyramid schemes, competitions, lotteries, betting games, snowballs systems, etc.) Other users of CLUB505 as well as the use of personal data of other users (in particular names, photos, telephone and fax numbers, address data, e-mail addresses, etc.) for commercial purposes of any kind (especially advertising) is prohibited.

12. Electronic attacks

Electronic attacks of any kind on the CLUB505 servers / databases / network or on individual users are strictly prohibited. Any electronic attack will lead to the immediate exclusion of the responsible user (extraordinary termination without notice) and will be prosecuted – as far as legally possible – in civil and criminal law. As electronic attacks are valid without this list being final: Hacking attacks and attempts to overcome, bypass, or otherwise disable CLUB505’s security barriers Intercept or attempt to intercept for other recipients of certain personal messages Use of computer programs (eg crawler, spider, bot) for the automated reading, saving, editing, changing or forwarding of data from the CLUB505 databases or for the automated setting of content on CLUB505. In your own profile, in messages, etc. Intentional use and / or dissemination of data or content to CLUB505 which, by its nature or nature (eg errors, viruses, worms, Trojans, etc.), size or duplication (eg spamming, mail bombs, etc .) To jeopardize the existence or operation of the data center or data network of CLUB505 or the computers and programs of users of CLUB505 Intentional use of links, programs or other procedures that may or should be harmful to CLUB505’s servers / databases / networks or individual users Brute force attacks Phishing

13. Legal consequences in case of violation of these terms and conditions

13.1 If the User violates one or more provisions of clauses 10 to 12 of these Terms of Use, CLUB505 may block or delete affected content. In the case of serious infringements, CLUB505 may terminate the use agreement without notice. Any payment obligations due to effective reasons of reasonably paid usage will remain in this case. 13.2 The user shall indemnify CLUB505 against all claims, third parties against CLUB505, their legal representatives and / or fulfillment aids due to a breach of the user against legal regulations, or against contractual obligations, assurances or guarantees, including the costs of the necessary legal defense (Legal and judicial costs at the statutory rate) on first demand. The user is obliged to assist CLUB505 in the defense of such third-party claims to the best of his knowledge and to provide the necessary information and / or information for this purpose. 13.3 The assertion of further claims (eg damages, omission, etc.) and the reimbursement of a criminal complaint remain unaffected.

14. Inclusion of third parties

14.1 CLUB505 shall be entitled to delegate the rights and obligations under this Agreement to third parties, in whole or in part, in particular, to commission third parties to provide parts or the entire range of services of its services provided that this is reasonable for users and does not adversely affect the users , In particular the provision of the services and the fulfillment of the other contractual obligations of CLUB505 without restriction. The protection of data shall remain unaffected. 14.2 The user is not entitled to transfer the rights and obligations from the use relationship to third parties in whole or in part.

15. Change of terms and conditions

CLUB505 is entitled to amend these General Terms and Conditions at any time if and to the extent that this change is in the legitimate interest of CLUB505. A legitimate interest is in particular if the changes are necessary to fulfill legal requirements, to integrate new functions within the communication platform (software or APP) or because of changes in company orientation or processes. The changed conditions will be announced to the user two (2) weeks before their entry into force or will be displayed within the software or app at or before the use of the app. If the user of the validity does not object to the amended terms within two (2) weeks after receipt, the changed conditions are considered accepted. CLUB505 will separately notify the user in the e-mail or within the software or app, which contains the changed conditions, the significance of the two-week period. If the user rejects the validity of the amended terms, the user or CLUB505 can terminate the existing usage relationship at any time.

16. Severability clause

Should individual provisions of these General Terms and Conditions be or become impracticable, the validity of the General Terms and Conditions and the Usage Agreement remain unaffected. The ineffective or impracticable provision shall be replaced by the effective and enforceable regulation whose effects are closest to the economic objective pursued by the contracting parties with the ineffective or impracticable provision. The above provisions apply in the event that the contract proves to be incomplete.